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  1. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic MillenniuM News   

    sorry I must of got confused
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  2. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic The X-Files: the upcoming mini series   

    Deep Throat, Grey Hair Man and Gibson Praise is also signed on
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  3. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic Ask Joe   

    Any other questions
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  4. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic The X-Files Lexicon's exclusive interview with Vince Gilligan   

    Sorry for the self promotion but check out my articles on X-Files Lexicon. I will also have a new article on the Flukeman in mid May.
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  5. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic Huge News!!!!!! (The X-Files)   

    I wonder when Chris starts to layout the six episodes he will realize that six is not enough. If I was Chris make it 10.
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  6. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic Huge News!!!!!! (The X-Files)   

    I was hoping for more than a Six episode season so they can fit in Frank Black, maybe they will fit him in somehow in six.
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  7. HighPlainsDrifter added a topic in The X-Files TV Series (1993-2002, 1998, 2008)   

    Huge News!!!!!! (The X-Files)

    This would be a great lead in to Millennium Series or event.
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  8. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic ... Thirteen Years Later - Millennium celebrates its 13th Anniversary   

    woop! woop!
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  9. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic New Night Stalker News   

    I had also heard that Edgar Wright had developed the story already but no script yet. I have been watching my favorite episodes myself like Zombie, The Spanish Moss Murders, Horror in the Heights, and Demon in Lace.
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  10. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic News Concerning MMVS6 and other stuff   

    I will keep the setting in San Francisco but the story will be totally different
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  11. HighPlainsDrifter added a topic in Who Cares? - TIWWA Special Thoughts, Messages and Greetings   

    News Concerning MMVS6 and other stuff
    Tried to post this on another subtopic but would not allow me to do this. Some of you might have known that I was a front runner for MMVS6 and it just didn't take off the way I wanted. The only person that I have been working with is a marvelous writer that has worked on other projects in the past and a big Millennium fan. When trying to get Season Six off the ground Liz wrote an excellent stand alone that I developed. Well there is talk again of trying to get it going again but this time as a six episode season since its only down to me and Liz. I got this inspiration from True Detective's eight episode first season. Will let you all know more about it soon. On the other hand Liz did write a MillenniuM Movie that's just out of this world, will see if she would be willing to release it here on TIWWA, if its ok with The Old Man. My other baby is a Virtual Series called Infernus. This 10 episode series is based on the fallen angel Sammeal which appeared in the Millennium Mythos. I did find a website host for it but would love to link it to TIWWA if its ok with the Old Man.....lol Infernus still needs to be polished before we release it. Here is a teaser

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  12. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic New Night Stalker News   

    Since Edgar Wright left the directing job for Marvel's Ant-Man, it looks like he will now have more time to spend on The Night Stalker movie. On the other hand Johnny Depp's availability is scarce due to working on three movies in the next three years. The Night Stalker is still listed as being in development.

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  13. HighPlainsDrifter added a post in a topic MillenniuM 2012 Windows 7 Desktop Theme   

    looks great!
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  14. HighPlainsDrifter added a topic in Millennium - General Discussion (Our main discussion forum!)   

    Update on MMVS6
    Don't want to give out too much information of the new Millennium Virtual Season Six, but I can tell you is that there is 22 episodes slated for this new and unusual season. Millennium Virtual Season Six will be split in two seasons. There will be a season Six and Seven. Season Six will have 13 and Seven will have 9 episodes. The Mythos will center around the Marburg Virus while the stand alone episodes features stories of depravity, vampires, and a certain family that appeared in The X-Files Series. There will be some surprises and plenty of demons knocking on Frank Black's door. The creative team behind Virtual Season Six plan not to scare you, we want to horrify you. As of right now Virtual Season Six is on Coming Soon Status. As of right now writers are still writing and organizing this new season. More news on release date should come after the summer time, so please hang in their with us.-Joe McBrayer
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  15. HighPlainsDrifter added a topic in Glen Morgan, James Wong and Darin Morgan   

    Love the new series Awake and lately I have been noticing Darin Morgan's name at the beginning of the shows credits as executive producer? I think. Nice to see Darin inloved with another series. I hope Awake is not short lived
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