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Below is a complete list of our Millennium episode profiles. Simply click on an episode's title to access a highly detailed profile for each episode of Chris Carter's Millennium television series. The episode profiles are one of the main elements of this Millennium episode guide and are not to be missed.

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Millennium Episode Profiles

This Episode Guide features unique Profiles for all 67 episodes of Chris Carter's Millennium, dynamically generated from our database which continues to expand with knowledge, trivia and information about this wonderful series.

Each Episode Profile contains detailed information which will describe the setting and events of the episode, together with its Trivia, Biblical, 1013 (Ten Thirteen) and Background References.

The Millennium Episode Profiles also include links to each episode's full synopsis, summary, open and closing credits (which also include un-credited cast and crew). Included are related multimedia items such as the original promotional Trailers for each episode, sometimes referred to as Teasers or Spots which we've provided in Flash Video.

You'll also find links to both the original Fox Episode Stills and our new Episode Image Galleries.

Each Episode Profile carries links so that you can also contribute and read Reviews and Articles written by fans and enthusiasts who appreciated and understood Chris Carter's critically acclaimed Millennium television series, helping you to get more out of each episode.

Even for the most dedicated of Millennium's fans, there is always something new to be discovered about this remarkable series.


Millennium Cast, Crew and Character Profiles

In addition to Profiles for each episode of the series, we also have a Profile for every single Cast, Crew and Character who appeared in or worked on Millennium, making this the largest Millennium episode guide available:

Cast Profiles

Character Profiles

Crew Profiles


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Millennium - Episode profiles in order of their season

Millennium Season 1

Millennium Season One
#MLM Code Production Code Millennium Episode Profile Times Viewed Date last viewed
#MLM-1004C79Pilot18940November 22nd 2014 04:58pm PST
#MLM-1014C01Gehenna11162November 22nd 2014 11:46am PST
#MLM-1024C02Dead Letters10403November 22nd 2014 10:20am PST
#MLM-1044C04The Judge7504November 22nd 2014 01:55pm PST
#MLM-1054C055226667323November 22nd 2014 10:20am PST
#MLM-1034C03Kingdom Come7218November 22nd 2014 10:20am PST
#MLM-1064C06Blood Relatives7112November 22nd 2014 04:58pm PST
#MLM-1074C07The Well-Worn Lock7875November 22nd 2014 04:59pm PST
#MLM-1084C08Wide Open7516November 22nd 2014 04:59pm PST
#MLM-1104C10The Wild and the Innocent8574November 22nd 2014 04:59pm PST
#MLM-1094C09Weeds8578November 22nd 2014 04:59pm PST
#MLM-1114C11Loin Like a Hunting Flame9195November 22nd 2014 04:59pm PST
#MLM-1124C12Force Majeure10484November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1134C13The Thin White Line8461November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1144C14Sacrament6971November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1164C16Covenant7229November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1154C15Walkabout7741November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1174C17Lamentation13563November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1184C18Powers, Principalities, Thrones and Dominions16428November 22nd 2014 05:00pm PST
#MLM-1194C19Broken World8679November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST
#MLM-1204C20Maranatha9610November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST
#MLM-1214C21Paper Dove9158November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST

Millennium Season 2

Millennium Season Two
#MLM Code Production Code Millennium Episode Profile Times Viewed Date last viewed
#MLM-2015C01The Beginning and the End10639November 22nd 2014 04:58pm PST
#MLM-2025C02Beware of the Dog8995November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST
#MLM-2035C03Sense and Antisense7075November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST
#MLM-2045C04Monster8984November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST
#MLM-2055C05A Single Blade of Grass10437November 22nd 2014 05:01pm PST
#MLM-2075C07The Curse of Frank Black14929November 22nd 2014 05:02pm PST
#MLM-2065C0619:199383November 22nd 2014 05:02pm PST
#MLM-2085C08The Hand of Saint Sebastian9047November 22nd 2014 05:25pm PST
#MLM-2095C09Jose Chung's 'Doomsday Defense'10432November 22nd 2014 05:02pm PST
#MLM-2115C11Midnight of the Century13556November 22nd 2014 05:02pm PST
#MLM-2105C10Goodbye Charlie9536November 22nd 2014 05:02pm PST
#MLM-2125C12Luminary16981November 22nd 2014 05:03pm PST
#MLM-2135C13The Mikado16986November 22nd 2014 05:36pm PST
#MLM-2155C15The Pest House7656November 22nd 2014 05:22pm PST
#MLM-2145C14Owls10590November 22nd 2014 05:35pm PST
#MLM-2165C16Roosters8638November 22nd 2014 05:03pm PST
#MLM-2175C17Siren8890November 22nd 2014 05:12pm PST
#MLM-2185C18In Arcadia Ego10416November 22nd 2014 05:04pm PST
#MLM-2195C19Anamnesis12005November 22nd 2014 05:08pm PST
#MLM-2205C20A Room With No View17208November 22nd 2014 05:04pm PST
#MLM-2215C21Somehow, Satan Got Behind Me16987November 22nd 2014 05:18pm PST
#MLM-2225C22The Fourth Horseman9850November 22nd 2014 05:04pm PST
#MLM-2235C23The Time Is Now20632November 22nd 2014 05:42pm PST

Millennium Season 3

Millennium Season Three
#MLM Code Production Code Millennium Episode Profile Times Viewed Date last viewed
#MLM-3013ABC01The Innocents9827November 22nd 2014 05:05pm PST
#MLM-3023ABC02Exegesis7952November 22nd 2014 05:05pm PST
#MLM-3033ABC03TEOTWAWKI8046November 22nd 2014 05:05pm PST
#MLM-3043ABC04Closure6372November 22nd 2014 05:05pm PST
#MLM-3053ABC05...Thirteen Years Later9954November 22nd 2014 05:05pm PST
#MLM-3063ABC06Skull and Bones10142November 22nd 2014 05:06pm PST
#MLM-3073ABC07Through a Glass, Darkly7543November 22nd 2014 05:06pm PST
#MLM-3093ABC09Human Essence7090November 22nd 2014 05:06pm PST
#MLM-3083ABC08Omerta9615November 22nd 2014 05:06pm PST
#MLM-3103ABC10Borrowed Time8695November 22nd 2014 05:06pm PST
#MLM-3113ABC11Collateral Damage8856November 22nd 2014 05:06pm PST
#MLM-3123ABC12The Sound of Snow9288November 22nd 2014 05:07pm PST
#MLM-3133ABC13Antipas14599November 22nd 2014 05:07pm PST
#MLM-3143ABC14Matryoshka9965November 22nd 2014 05:07pm PST
#MLM-3153ABC15Forcing the End7255November 22nd 2014 05:07pm PST
#MLM-3163ABC16Saturn Dreaming of Mercury10107November 22nd 2014 05:25pm PST
#MLM-3183ABC18Darwin's Eye8963November 22nd 2014 05:41pm PST
#MLM-3173ABC17Bardo Thodol8616November 22nd 2014 05:07pm PST
#MLM-3193ABC19Seven and One8290November 22nd 2014 05:08pm PST
#MLM-3203ABC20Nostalgia8348November 22nd 2014 05:08pm PST
#MLM-3213ABC21Via Dolorosa8670November 22nd 2014 05:08pm PST
#MLM-3223ABC22Goodbye To All That18084November 22nd 2014 05:08pm PST