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Millennium criminal profiler Frank Black.Millennium - This Is Who We Are (formerly Millennium Desktop UK) is a fan-website dedicated to promoting Chris Carter's critically acclaimed Millennium TV series and highlights the inspiring talent of Millennium's cast and production crew.

Our new website features a complex but easy to to follow Millennium Episode and Credits Guide which includes hundreds of unique, dynamic detailed profiles of every single episode and cast, character or crew member to work on Millennium. It also includes multimedia, downloads, trivia listings and transcripts as well as an inspired Millennium Episode Locations Map which allows you to follow the international journeys of Frank Black and the Millennium Group.

The Millennium Episode and Credits Guide also features episode reviews and further analysis in the form of episode articles which expand on the episode's themes and influences. We've also integrated several years worth of trivia, reviews, facts and information contributed in our forums by the shows fans, all in one convenient place. Don't miss the integrated Millennium Music Guide for a wealth of background information, lyrics, album and song details for the inspirational music that featured throughout Millennium.

M-TIWWA now features much more factual and in-depth content than ever before and is a much more modern, web-standards based solution for Millennium fans to enjoy. The site continues to include our highly popular message board, This Is Who We Are, the largest and most feature-laden Millennium dedicated forums you'll find online.

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Millennium Episodes

Our top 5 most accessed Millennium Episode Profiles are:


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Millennium Cast

Our top 5 most accessed Millennium Cast Profiles are:

Kate Luyben

Brittany Tiplady

Sarah-Jane Redmond

Lance Henriksen

Megan Gallagher


Millennium Characters

Our top 5 most accessed Millennium Character Profiles are:

Catherine Black

Lucy Butler

Frank Black

Alex Glaser

Peter Watts


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Our top 5 most accessed Millennium Crew Profiles are:

Kimberley Regent

Chris Carter

James Wong

David Nutter

Mark Snow



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Millennium articles

Don't miss these amazing articles based on general or specific aspects of Millennium's episodes, expanding upon events, scenes and characters. Our most recent Millennium episode related articles:

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Latest Millennium Reviews

Our most recent Millennium Episode Reviews, kindly submitted by fellow fans:

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Latest news relating to Chris Carter's Millennium television series:

04 Jun 2015 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

In case you've missed the news in our forums, are now taking and shipping orders for the new second volume 2 CD set of the Millennium soundtrack. They've also re-released volume one as a limited 1000 availability for those who missed out on the original 2000 copy release!

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26 May 2015 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

Millennium actor Lance Henriksen who recently turned 75, is scheduled to appear in Manchester, England this weekend at Showmaster's Film and Comic Con, May 30th and 31st.

Visit for more information and event details.

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14 Oct 2014 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

At the recent New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing announced an upcoming miniseries adaptation of cult Chris Carter TV show "Millennium". The stories will be written by Joe Harris, who also authors IDW's "X-Files: Season 10." The comic will feature interior art by Colin Lorimer and external covers by menton3, series creator Carter will reprise his "Season 10" role as executive producer.

Joe Harris has provided an interview with Comic Book Resources in which he says "I believe our plan is to start with a five-issue series and really re-establish Frank Black, the shadowy remnants of the Millennium Group he once belonged to that turned on him, and which, we think, was dissolved, then gauge the temperature."

Asked whether Chris Cartor will be involved, Joe responded "Chris has been our 'Executive Producer', trusting my vision to shepherd these stories and characters along. He seems comfortable with me, but he's reviewing what we do and I expect I'll know if he's not happy!"

Read the full length article at CBR.

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23 Jul 2014 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

We recently heard from Tim Ferrante who kindly made us aware that two of Millennium's guest stars, Jon "Eddie Scarpino Giannini" Polito (Omerta) and Mike "Henry Dion" Starr (Paper Dove), are appearing together in Burbank California later this summer along with numerous other great actors.

These accredited actors will be helping to promote a new book by Scott Voisin entitled Character Kings 2. As Tim says, "It's a rare opportunity to meet and greet these two legendary Millennium guest performers."

Press release follows...

Celebrity Signing at Legendary Dark Delicacies Bookstore

In-person appearance by Character Kings 2 author Scott Voisin and well-known actors from TV and film

BURBANK, CA (July 22, 2014): Scott Voisin, author of the book Character Kings: Hollywood's Familiar Faces Discuss The Art & Business Of Acting (BearManor Media, 2009), will appear with some of the actors featured in his new sequel, Character Kings 2 (BearManor Media, 2014), at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, California on Saturday, September 6th at 2pm. In celebration of its release, interviewees from both Character Kings books will attend and autograph purchased copies.

Scheduled to appear are:

  • Mike Starr (Goodfellas, Millennium, Ed Wood)
  • Peter Jason (Deadwood, The Karate Kid, 48 HRS.)
  • Raymond J. Barry (Justified, Born on the Fourth of July, The X-Files)
  • Art LaFleur (The Blob, Field of Dreams, The Santa Clause 2)
  • James Karen (Return of the Living Dead, Poltergeist, Wall Street)
  • Jon Polito (The Crow, Miller's Crossing, Millennium)
  • Duane Whitaker (Pulp Fiction, Feast, Eddie Presley)

More character kings will be present if their working schedules permit.

About the Character King books Character Kings is Scott Voisin's ongoing book series featuring exclusive interviews with today's most recognizable working actors. The insightful and entertaining conversations are filled with candid behind-the-scenes anecdotes and secrets for building and sustaining a successful career in Hollywood. Tim Lucas, editor of the award-winning Video Watchdog magazine, says, "Character actors are a prized species, and Scott Voisin selects the cream of today's crop. The actors regale us with some marvellous stories of blood, sweat and fate."

Contact Scott Voisin / Character Kings books: Dark Delicacies: 3512 W. Magnolia, Burbank, CA 91505 BearManor Media: Tel. (682) 703-2676

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01 Sep 2012 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

Millennium creator Chris Carter to receive Outstanding Television Writer Award at 2012 Austin Film Festival. (Getty Images / AFP, Max Nash).

This year's 19th Austin Film Festival and Conferance in Texas has chosen to honour Millennium and X-Files creator Chris Carter with the Outstanding Television Writer award.

Carter's participation during the Conference will include "A Conversation with Chris Carter," where he will share stories from his long career in television and film. Carter will also present special retrospective screenings of The X-Files and Millennium episodes and, as a guest programmer, will host a screening of one of his favorite films for Festival audiences.

Featuring four days of panels and workshops, and eight nights of films and parties, this years Austin Film Festival and Conference will take place in Austin, Texas from October 18th-25th, 2012. The Awards Luncheon will be held on Saturday October 20. The film festival shows movies at theaters throughout downtown Austin and the surrounding area (venues change each year). The conference panels take place at the Driskill Hotel & Intercontinental Stephen F. Austin hotel in the heart of downtown Austin. For more information, location details and scheduling please visit the Austin Film Festival website.

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27 Aug 2012 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

Poster artwork for The Path.

Here’s an inspiring invitation for fans of Millennium writers Erin Maher and Kay Reindl to get behind their latest original project, The Path. Erin and Kay have teamed up with Smokebomb Entertainment, a Canadian digital media production company, to produce a project for the Canadian Film Council Media Lab's IdeaBoost, an innovative creative development lab with a business model that focuses on pre-selling an idea to an audience rather than to advertisers. It has similarities to Kickstarter but IdeaBoost isn't about getting funding, instead it's all about a competition to gauge interest.

You can learn all about The Path at the website Smokebomb have created a video with Kay and Erin which explains their vision for the project and how fan participation is important to them and the project’s success. The competition is based on the number of people who "Boost the project", 'Tweet' and ‘Like’ the project page.

Kay Reindl explains more over at Seriocity, Erin and Kay’s blog...

“Instead of the same kind of focus group testing they've been doing for years, how cool would it be if a television network could gauge the size of an audience and know if there was a market for the show? That's the thought behind IdeaBoost. If successful, we'll make a digital series that could platform out into other mediums.”

“The reason we were so jazzed about getting involved was because the people involved with the company were so jazzed about us doing an urban fantasy show. We've wanted to do a show set in this world for over ten years. But so far, we haven't gotten one produced. So now it's imperative.”

So what’s the The Path about? Here’s the summary from over at Ideaboost...

We’ve all been there, that first day at a new school, terrified we won’t fit in, that we’ll be labeled with an unshakable designation that will follow us forever: Geek. Goth. Brain. Jock.


This is the shocking truth facing Delaney Connors, a level-headed, practical girl who discovers that everything she knows about herself is a lie. Her parents have been keeping a huge secret from her, the cute neighbor boy is super good with a sword, the school’s queen bitch can turn her opponents into frogs, and her artsy new school is a gateway to a hidden world of magic. If this wasn’t enough, Delaney has to learn to master frightening magical powers before an ancient war spills over into our world. And then there’s her chemistry final...

Kay explains more about the digital series’ premise...

“It's a show about fairies, but not the fairies that have been flitting across your television screen. These are real ones. They're vicious, and beautiful, and while they're drawn to humans because we can produce art and music and they can't, they also carry a grudge. A big one.”

Head over to the project site for The Path where every Boost, Like and Tweet before September 18th counts in order to get the project into the next round, before a jury decides if the new series will get made!

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23 Jul 2012 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith


Chris Carter (creator of Millennium and The X-Files) will be a special guest and featured speaker at the forthcoming 13th annual Youth Cultural Arts Foundation Talent Show. The event is being hosted in Chris's home city of Bellflower, California on Sept. 29 at the William and Jane Bristol Civic Auditorium, 16600 Civic Center Drive.

You can read the original full news article with more information at Thank you to Steven Dollinger for sharing the announcement.

For more information on the actual event or to purchase tickets, call 562-867-3524 or go to

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28 Dec 2011 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

Millennium Season 3 promotional image

Its not often these days that websites review or offer analysis of Millennium (probably since the show was gratefully released on DVD), but I recently heard from Scott Weller of the quite fascinating blog Kool TV, who kindly took the time to let me know about the final part of his insightful look at the third and ultimate season of Millennium which is now up and available to read online.

Steve has previously also looked at the first two seasons of Chris Carter's dark and evocative series, and you can find links to those articles here.

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08 Aug 2011 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith


Kay ReidnlKay Reindl, co-author of the much loved Millennium episodes Anamnesis and Midnight of the Century has launched a new book entitled 'In Obscura'. The e-book is designed for electronic reading devices such as the Kindle:

"Recruited by a mysterious spy to do a simple job, aimless Jordan Cole finds herself in the middle of a centuries-old apocalyptic mystery and is horrified to discover that she is the only person who can uncover the truth and save the world."

Using her popular blog Seriocity, Kay reveals much more about how the e-book came about:

"In Obscura is a book I started writing over a decade ago. I'd write, put it away, drag it out, change all the pop culture and technology, etc. It has a sprawling, ancient mythology that needed to be corralled. There's magic in it. But it doesn't feature a punkish, back-to-the-camera heroine covered in tramp stamps as she wields a sharpened weapon of some sort. It doesn't have the mainstream thriller fiction vibe either. It's not about a globe-trotting archaeologist, or a famous symbologist. There are no scenes of cardinals rending their garments at the Vatican. People, I DON'T EVEN MENTION OPUS DEI. The spine of this story is a secret history, created partly out of the inspiration I had when we were researching secret societies and black virgins and bloodlines on Millennium. And you can only fit so much ancient conspiracy into one hour of television."

Kay undertook 26 roles (writing 4 episodes and jointly story editing 22 episodes) whilst working on Chris Carter's Millennium television series. As well as co-writing the second season episodes A Single Blade of Grass, Anamnesis and Midnight of the Century with writing partner Erin Maher, Kay also took over from Michael Perry serving again alongside Erin as Executive Story Editors for Season 3 of the series. Kay and Erin also wrote their only season 3 episode Matryoshka together.

Amazon's Kindle is available as a handheld e-book reader and also available as a download for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

We wish Kay every success with In Obscura, which you can find at , and Smashwords.

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05 May 2011 00:00:00  By Graham P. Smith

The official Lance Henriksen Biography hardback book entitled Not Bad For A Human is now available and is published by Bloody Pulp Books.
Launched to coincide with Lance Henriksen's birthday (May 5th), the book is available in a limited edition 6 x 9 hardback with dust jacket. The 374 perfect-bound pages including original full-page artwork by Bill Sienkiewicz (Elektra: Assassin), Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Ashley Wood (Metal Gear Solid), Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher), Eric Powell (The Goon) and Tom Mandrake (The Spectre).

All copies ordered through the Not Bad For A Human website will be signed by Lance. Unfortunately they cannot take requests for personalised messages.

Not Bad For A Human - Lance Henriksen official biography cover art.

Visit the Not Bad For A Human website to order and view sample pages.

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Additional Millennium related news is available in our News Archives.